This signature keynote takes you on a journey of the three keys to engaging your best performance and living in the present. I use personal stories from my journey to the Olympics, and relate them to audience specific challenges. You will leave with inspiration and thought provoking questions to get the most out of your life.

What I cover:

  • Discover your drive. What’s your why?

  • How to use meditation techniques to focus the mind, relieve stress and reduce fear.

  • Learn the importance of habits - less of the bad, more of the good ones!

  • How to enjoy the journey and be in the moment


This signature keynote takes the audience on a journey through the three keys to engaging your best performance.



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I loved your presentation at the University of Auckland Business School. I was particularly interested to hear more about the pain management aspect of your mental game. This intrigues me as we all have to come to terms with more pain (mental/emotional/physical) as we grow older (I’m 60). Life is very much about how we perceive our individual journeys, finding our ‘why(s)’ in order to make sense of where we are. Love the idea that nothing is ever wasted if we learn and become more resilient. I see you as an inspirational wellbeing thought leader, making a positive difference by the way we serve our fellow human beings.

Peter Reilly - Southern Cross Health Society

I wanted to again thank you for the awesome presentation given at the MBA breakfast this morning at the University of Auckland. Your presentation was emotionally inspiring and very moving in the way you articulated various aspects of your profound journey. You have matured according to the needs and gifts of your time and have clearly answered your why with the overwhelming acknowledgment of your pride and joy. Thank you for your sharing, personal honesty, unbelievable commitment, your courageous efforts, your tears/ tangi and inner strength to overcome. But most of all your achievements and celebrations shared.

Richard Nahi - Senior Culture Advisor at Auckland Council

"Brooke spoke at Shoe Clinic’s recent Running Seminar in Wellington as a special guest speaker about her experiences of being an International Hockey Player. She left no one in doubt that her enthusiasm, passion & commitment to her hockey & life in general was 110%! Her experience of attending the Rio Olympics, where her brother was also in the men’s hockey team, was inspirational & very emotional, especially having her parents in the grandstand watching."

Hamish French - Founder & Director of Shoe Clinic

“It was refreshing to see Brooke speak at our Regional Sales Meeting in front of 60 real estate agents. Her journey of dedication, determination and her driving will to succeed resonated with our salespeople. The message was both inspirational and motivation and could easily be taken into the business world.”

Bayleys Real Estate Sales Manager